Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Dirty Little Apple

I joined the Apple bandwagon this spring when my old refurbished IBM laptop was put into forced retirement. I needed something to do presentations with that had a battery that actually worked, and could do more than send emails and word processing. So in June, I bought my first squeaky clean white Apple Notebook.

Well, it's not looking so hot anymore. What was once a pristine white keyboard now has black marks from the palms of my hands that don’t wash off (and I'm a very clean person, thank you very much!), the mousepad is looking worn, and my computer clock thinks it is two days ago.

I realize I use my computer more than most and hardly ever turn it off, but I didn't think I'd be seeing noticeable wear in just 3 months.

I've heard this is a problem for many Mac users. So... my dear Mac People, may I suggest that you focus a little less on your cutesy commercials and a little more on ensuring your product doesn't look like crappola after a few month's use?

Mucho Gracias!

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